Coleman Scientific Consulting
Does your organization need to understand and minimize risk to public health from exposures to bacteria and viruses?
CSC Mission: Provide Integrated Scientific Knowledge of Microbial Risks and Benefits
risk assessment

  • • CSC provides integrated scientific knowledge in microbial ecology and risks of illness from contaminated environments (air, buildings, soil and water) and foods.
  • • CSC advises clients on bacterial pathogens (including those causing anthrax, salmonellosis and illnesses from pathogenic E. coli) and viruses (including Ebola, influenza and SARS) that can generate irrational fears often heightened by media accounts exaggerating human health effects.

Services (analysis, training, and report preparation)

Backed by reliable technical data and analysis, CSC communicates the impacts of typical misconceptions and fears about infectious diseases. CSC provides the science to meet regulatory demands that are costly if non-compliant. Clients value CSC services and offer repeat business.

Training by CSC can prepare your staff to conduct and/or communicate complex analyses regarding bioterrorism exercises and food safety and security with your customers and the regulatory community.

Reports and analysis by CSC can assist clients with allocating limited resources to projects that improve safety and enhance human and environmental health, rather than to ineffective projects that are fueled by fear and panic.

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Hiring Coleman Scientific Consulting will give you confidence to separate scientific facts from myths about risk and health. Such knowledge is crucial when microbial risks are so often exaggerated, overblown and unsubstantiated.