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Peg Coleman

Who We Are

Coleman Scientific Consulting

Peg Coleman is a medical microbiologist and risk analyst who founded CSC in 2010 to address the extensive gaps in scientific knowledge of microbial risks to human health. CSC affiliates offer complementary expertise in mathematical statistics and risk modeling and contribute to extraordinary multidisciplinary teams who solve complex problems.

Consulting services are provided by CSC to those who need help assessing, communicating about, and understanding microbial risks and bioterrorism.

CSC’s resourceful multi-disciplinary teams will provide your organization with concise materials and technical analyses needed to protect human health.

CSC excels in both rapid targeted reviews and comprehensive, long-term reviews that span nearly a decade of ongoing research.

Clients recognize Peg and CSC affiliates as trusted advisors and establish multi-year contracts with CSC to support more reasoned decision-making. CSC offers unbiased perspectives on complex scientific evidence and risk models.

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