Coleman Scientific Consulting


Timothy A. Bartrand, PhD, an affiliate (subcontractor) of Coleman Scientific Consulting, is a risk assessor and analyst working primarily in water system security analysis, quantitative microbial risk assessment, and chemistry, biology, and fluid dynamics of engineered and natural systems. Dr. Bartrand has nearly 30 years experience with modeling and simulation, risk analysis, and providing environmental engineering, services. He provides consultations in spatial analysis, computational fluid dynamic modeling, dose-response and risk assessment, and screening and prioritization of potential contaminants. A continuing research interest is modeling, including R programming and microbial risk assessment modeling.


Darrell W. Donahue, PhD, Certified Quality Engineer, an affiliate of Coleman Scientific Consulting, is a professor and chair, Biosystems Engineering, Michigan State University. Dr. Donahue has nearly 25 years experience with industrial process modeling and simulation, model verification and validation in real-time environments, industrial statistics, and risk analysis. He provides industrial consultations in operations management, industrial statistics and design of experiments, as well as for development of industrial management and team building methods for Fortune 100 companies. A continuing research interest is modeling, including Bayesian network analysis, economic, and engineering models.

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Harry M. Marks, MS, Mathematical Statistician, an affiliate of Coleman Scientific Consulting, is a scientist who recently retired from USDA’s Food Safety and Inspection Service. Mr. Marks has more than 30 years of experience in data analysis to support regulation and policy development in multiple governmental agencies. His collaborations with laboratory researchers advanced theoretical and data-based quantitative analyses that are extensively published. Mr. Marks has guided applications of microbial risk assessments to risk management and risk communication. A continuing research interest is advancing mathematical models of microbial growth/decline for scientific support of risk analysis.